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cut from raw html

i've seen various scripts from, and do i understand it right that i can operate with elements of DOM from this html, but not with tags or raw ascii? i've seen in those scripts everybody use some kind of pointers to something like areas of html page divided by "div" elements with classes or other elements with some definite identity. how can i find some text, or work it like with array of chars or something? i want to write a script for greasemonkey that will cut some defenite table cells for me, but there are no "dividing" elements in the page, and i think that only text analysis can help me.

should i find a javascript book and do it with raw text? but then what is the name of variable which contains array of chars? :)

and what kind of javascript book do i need, if i already know C and Perl? i want to do it faster and i have not much time to read, so i will appreciate if anyone will advise me some good and fast javascript book :)

oh! or maybe there is some kind of perl hooks to firefox or something like that? i could use perl if there is a way to write perl script for firefox.

thanks in advance
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