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Issue installing (any) user scripts

Hi everyone - kinda desperate for help here!  Can offer virtual cookies by the tonne for any assistance...

I'm running Firefox and Greasemonkey 0.6.4, and I can't install a single user script at all.  I've tried right clicking and scrolling to Install User Script, I've tried opening the .js file and going to Tools > Install User Script, I've tried saving the script to my desktop and adding it, I've un- and re-installed Greasemonkey, I've tried doing it with Greasemonkey both enabled AND disabled, and I've turned off my firewall.  Nothing.  I want my LJ scripts back and I'm going insaaaaane.

This is the error message I get:

Error installing user script:

[Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80520012 (NS_ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND)[]" nsresult: "0x80520012 (NS_ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND)" location: "JS frame :: chrome://greasemonkey/content/utilis.js :: getContents :: line 167" data: no]

Any clues?  Someone?  Or does anyone know someone I could ask?

Thanks in advance!
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have you tried save the scripts on your hard disk, opening them in firefox from there, and installing ?

just a suggestion, it might work (or not)
Yeah, I said so above - sorry, I probably wasn't clear enough :) I've tried saving the script to my desktop and going to Tools > New User Script, and opening that script in Firefox and going to Tools > Install This User Script, which is greyed out anyway. Nothing works. I could cry!!
and although i haven't had any issues of that kind, it seems that there are some problems with some scripts and GM v0.6.4
Thanks for that link - I've read through it and one person mentioned my problem, but he didn't seem to get a response - considering how many scripts apparently imploded upon the 0.6.4 release, I'm not surprised :)

If it were just one or two scripts, I could write it off as an incompatibility problem, but it's absolutely everything I try. I even had a go at installing ones I didn't even want, just to test, and no dice whatsoever. It might still be the scripts' incompatibility with the newest release, but if it is, it's a helluva coincidence. SO confused. :/
i've seen it there too :

and again, no answer :/
Do you have a gm_scripts directory in your Mozilla profile folder?
It... doesn't look like it, but I may be looking in the wrong place. Where is it meant to be, may I ask? :)
Never mind, found the profile folder, but no gm_scripts directory. Don't tell me I'm going to have to screw around in DOS to make one...

There should be a /gm_scripts folder in the root profile directory. Mine looks like:

c:\Documents and Settings\[account]\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\3vx1l1y0.default\gm_scripts

(Windows 2000 of course).

If the /gm_scripts isn't there, make it and try installing again.
Installing scripts, that is.
Okay, I've created the folder (using New > Folder) but no joy. The Greaseblog suggests the following using the DOS prompt:

# cd [your profile directory]
# mkdir gm_scripts
# On Windows: echo "" > gm_scripts\config.xml

Given that my Profile folder is located here:

F:\Documents and Settings\[account]\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\goi1rdh8.default

and I'm running WinXP, does this sound right to you? If so, what exactly do I type? Or should I ask someone else, since this isn't (necessarily) a Greasemonkey problem anymore? :) I haven't even looked at DOS since Win 3.1... I'm scared. :(
Ok, delete the gm_scripts folder and use the DOS commands. It's really simple, just go to Start->Run, type cmd and press enter. Since you're scared of the console, I'd go the easier route and change directories one step at a time, like so:

cd F:
cd Documents and Settings
cd [account] (obviously replace that with your account name)
cd Application Data

Finally, do

mkdir gm_scripts

And lastly

echo "" > gm_scripts\config.xml

Then try installing scripts and hope it works :(
ARGH IT WORKED!!! ::flails:: I love you, whoever you are!! Thank you so much!

That wasn't nearly so hard as I thought it'd be - I used to run simple commands like that when I was a kid, I'd just forgotten. You're a champion, I can't thank you enough. :)
No problem, I'm glad it worked out!