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I'm trying to make a script like the one that is used here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/face-off/ it's called PFO CheckPlay. But they won't share nor help me make one for my flickr group. I'm started to work on it but I really don't know what I'm doing. My flickr group is a little different where there are 2 types of challenges, some require 7 photos and some 3, I don't know if I'd need two scripts then, but if someone could help me that would be great! my flickr group is: http://www.flickr.com/groups/beginner_digital_photography_challange/

this is what i have so far: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/44110 but it's not really working. All I can get it to do is shoe that it's "working" or searching but never tells me anything

Can you help?


I'm using Firefox 3.0.7 and Greasemonkey 0.8.20090123.1

I can't seem to be able to use LJ Instant Comment or LJ Thread Unfolder. If anyone can shed some light on it, I'd be grateful.

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Hey There, Greasemonkies!

I'm writing to this community to try to get Greasemonkey users and developers to contribute to the Mozilla Digital Memory Bank.

The Memory Bank is an interactive archive that allows users and developers to contribute images, videos, and accounts of their experiences using and creating Mozilla products, as well as to browse the histories left by others.

We're trying to create an archive of the history of Open Source, starting with Mozilla. Much as Mozilla's products are dependent upon the contributions of users and developers, we need people to help by submitting material for this archive.

Please consider helping out, by:

  • Uploading images and documents,

  • Creating a short video,

  • Sharing a story,

  • Responding to a brief questionnaire, or

  • Volunteering for an interview.

We've put up a short video to try to promote the site, and raise awareness of the project. Please feel free to share it (or this post) with anyone you know who may be interested in participating:

Thanks for your time, and please give serious thought to contributing. I believe that preserving the history and evolution of Open Source programs will be an invaluable tool for future scholars. I hope some of you feel the same way.
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window.clipboardData in Firefox

Is there a way one can add a minimal emulation of window.clipboardData to Firefox with GreaseMonkey? I am not aware of any Firefox-native way to work with clipboard, but seems one can workaround this using Flash (if installed). Does GM have any access to installed plugins and their capabilities?
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Detecting locked entries

Hello all. I'd like to be able to detect whether the current page is a locked LJ entry from a GM script. I can't seem to work out a nice way of doing this. Things I thought of:
  • Send a HTTP HEAD request with no cookies and see whether I can see the page. Problem: no obvious way of sending the request with no cookies, either by GM_xmlhttpRequest or the traditional XMLHttpRequest. CookieMonster would help, but needs XPCOM access, which apparently I can't use from within a GM script.
  • Look for the little padlock image. Problem: some people are using styles which mark friends-only entries in a different way. (Also, it's very hacky, but then, this is a GM script).
  • Bounce the request off another site which won't have the cookies. Problem: need another site. If I want to make the script public, I'd be eating someone else's bandwidth (or my own).
Anyone got any other bright ideas?

new to the community

Hi everyone, I'm new to the community and would like to introduce myself! I'm a pretty good JavaScript programmer but my experience with GreaseMonkey is less so with only about 2 scripts under my belt. I'm fascinated with greasemonkey's xmlhttprequest object and it's ability to send cross-domain requests. I'm planning to write some kind of web crawler with it (pairing it with PHP and MySQL) and thought Craigslist would be a good testing ground for it - say crawling a section in craigslist for 2 weeks and then mine the information for interesting statistics - a project purely for the fun of it.

Has anyone tried anything like this before?

Talk To The Hand: userscript for hiding tagged entries

(xposted from LJ-Nifty)

Talk To The Hand is a userscript that allows you to hide entries with selected tags from your Livejournal friends page view. This edition is only known to work with the A Sturdy Gesture page layout. Ports to some other layouts should be trivial (I plan to do a Generator one this afternoon), but I haven't manged to figure out a general solution. If you port it to another layout, please post a comment about it, or let me know by e-mail.

When you install the script, go to the Manage UserScripts form and replace my username with your own in the "included pages" field. When you view your friendspage, there will be a little x by every tag. If you click on it, and then confirm your choice, the page will reload with all entries by that user with that tag removed.

If you want to restore a tag you previously chose to hide, click on the tally of removed entries at the top of the page, and you'll get a menu of tags to restore.

* Ports to other layouts
* Decent error-handling
* Add support for hiding community posts by specified users

My thanks to boutell, whose ljwho userscript provided much of the inspiration and some of the sourcecode for this project.

Two questions for the Monkeys

I'm working on an LJ script, and two questions have come up, one LJ-specific, and the other GM-specific.

1) Is there any straightforward way for a script to tell what layout it's looking at? I'm sure some unique characteristic could be found for the markup of each one, but, damn, is that an ugly, unreliable, and labor-intensive approach.

1½) Why the flaming hell isn't there consistent use of class names across LJ layouts? It would make this stuff much, much easier.

2) Is there a way for a script to access all of its GM_setValue() data, preferably as an array? I know the user can see it through about:config, but I want my script to be able to access it.


Hi guys,

I'm having difficulty installing new user scripts from my desktop. That option in the tools menu won't open at all. Short of putting the js file on a web directory and loading it from there, I don't know how I can install it.

Oh, coincidentally, when I click on the little monkey face on the lower right corner, it looks like I have "no scripts installed." But when I open the manage scripts dialogue window I see that I have three scripts installed. Do you think this means there is a problem with the installation?

And, on a related question, where can I find the physical files of the greasemonkey scripts I have already installed?

Thanks in advance!
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