. (kellzilla) wrote in greasemonkies,

OK...so there's a greasemonkey script (and a separate extension) to hide/ignore users in phpBB, with a link to display a post if you'd like. Now I'm wondering if that same process could possibly be ported over to LJ's friendspage? I am in several communities, and there are some users whose posts are almost always skippable. Rather than having to read the first few sentences to figure out if something is worth my time to read or not, I'd just like to ignore them.

Now, I've looked at the script for phpBB user hide, and I am *SO* *COMPLETELY* *LOST*... I wouldn't know the first thing to start coding something of this nature.

Heck, it may even already exist...but my google-fu didn't turn anything up.

What I'd prefer it to do is to display:hide a user's icon (or in some other way not show it), and replace the body of the post with a link to the post page (possibly mimicking an lj-cut - "User Ignored: Click to view post" or something.) This is the only thing I can think of that would work with as many custom styles as LJ has.

*scratches head* Ook?

EDIT: It would work something like clayfoot's LJ collapse, but selectively, based on username. I'd personally rather not have the hover text, but that's a matter of taste.
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