Vinnie Tesla (vinnie_tesla) wrote in greasemonkies,
Vinnie Tesla

Two questions for the Monkeys

I'm working on an LJ script, and two questions have come up, one LJ-specific, and the other GM-specific.

1) Is there any straightforward way for a script to tell what layout it's looking at? I'm sure some unique characteristic could be found for the markup of each one, but, damn, is that an ugly, unreliable, and labor-intensive approach.

1½) Why the flaming hell isn't there consistent use of class names across LJ layouts? It would make this stuff much, much easier.

2) Is there a way for a script to access all of its GM_setValue() data, preferably as an array? I know the user can see it through about:config, but I want my script to be able to access it.
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