Vinnie Tesla (vinnie_tesla) wrote in greasemonkies,
Vinnie Tesla

Talk To The Hand: userscript for hiding tagged entries

(xposted from LJ-Nifty)

Talk To The Hand is a userscript that allows you to hide entries with selected tags from your Livejournal friends page view. This edition is only known to work with the A Sturdy Gesture page layout. Ports to some other layouts should be trivial (I plan to do a Generator one this afternoon), but I haven't manged to figure out a general solution. If you port it to another layout, please post a comment about it, or let me know by e-mail.

When you install the script, go to the Manage UserScripts form and replace my username with your own in the "included pages" field. When you view your friendspage, there will be a little x by every tag. If you click on it, and then confirm your choice, the page will reload with all entries by that user with that tag removed.

If you want to restore a tag you previously chose to hide, click on the tally of removed entries at the top of the page, and you'll get a menu of tags to restore.

* Ports to other layouts
* Decent error-handling
* Add support for hiding community posts by specified users

My thanks to boutell, whose ljwho userscript provided much of the inspiration and some of the sourcecode for this project.
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