Paul Wright (pw201) wrote in greasemonkies,
Paul Wright

Detecting locked entries

Hello all. I'd like to be able to detect whether the current page is a locked LJ entry from a GM script. I can't seem to work out a nice way of doing this. Things I thought of:
  • Send a HTTP HEAD request with no cookies and see whether I can see the page. Problem: no obvious way of sending the request with no cookies, either by GM_xmlhttpRequest or the traditional XMLHttpRequest. CookieMonster would help, but needs XPCOM access, which apparently I can't use from within a GM script.
  • Look for the little padlock image. Problem: some people are using styles which mark friends-only entries in a different way. (Also, it's very hacky, but then, this is a GM script).
  • Bounce the request off another site which won't have the cookies. Problem: need another site. If I want to make the script public, I'd be eating someone else's bandwidth (or my own).
Anyone got any other bright ideas?
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