mozilladmb (mozilladmb) wrote in greasemonkies,

Hey There, Greasemonkies!

I'm writing to this community to try to get Greasemonkey users and developers to contribute to the Mozilla Digital Memory Bank.

The Memory Bank is an interactive archive that allows users and developers to contribute images, videos, and accounts of their experiences using and creating Mozilla products, as well as to browse the histories left by others.

We're trying to create an archive of the history of Open Source, starting with Mozilla. Much as Mozilla's products are dependent upon the contributions of users and developers, we need people to help by submitting material for this archive.

Please consider helping out, by:

  • Uploading images and documents,

  • Creating a short video,

  • Sharing a story,

  • Responding to a brief questionnaire, or

  • Volunteering for an interview.

We've put up a short video to try to promote the site, and raise awareness of the project. Please feel free to share it (or this post) with anyone you know who may be interested in participating:

Thanks for your time, and please give serious thought to contributing. I believe that preserving the history and evolution of Open Source programs will be an invaluable tool for future scholars. I hope some of you feel the same way.
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